Help Enlarge Your Workplace With Bristolite Skylights


skylighting for offices

Interior designers are taught to manipulate an area utilizing light, color, and the contrasts that typically exist between them. With respect to contrast, spaces that feature dark-colored flooring and light-colored walls tend to feel less spacious than areas that feature lightly-colored floors and walls. Conversely, areas that feature dark-colored ceilings will feel shorter than the same area with light-colored ceilings. These situations are only exacerbated if the area is not lit properly; therefore, the amount of light available within a given area is the main determinant as to whether that space will appear larger or smaller than it actually is. To that end, implementing a natural daylighting system will have a significant impact on how occupants subconsciously perceive the amount of space available to them compared to illuminating the same area with artificial lights.

Skylights disperse light throughout rooms in ways that windows simply cannot. By increasing the amount of natural daylight in areas that benefit the most, such as spaces towards the center of buildings, you can make the space feel larger than it actually is. This is true for offices, big-box retail stores, warehouses & factories that often implement multiple contrasts as part of their design philosophies. Naturally, any facility that employs our Sun’s sheer power is taking advantage of one of the best energy efficiency solutions available today because the lighting is clean, renewable, and best-of-all… FREE!

Our mission at Bristolite is to provide the highest quality products and offer superior service for residential, commercial, and industrial customers alike, all the while remaining an exceptional value. We aim to provide the building industry with an abundance of accurate, current, and relevant information relative to daylighting and energy conservation. We take our corporate responsibilities very seriously because we consider ourselves innovators and stewards in the efficient use of sustainable, carbon-free energy.

To learn more about how Bristolite offers the best energy efficient skylights in the business, contact us at, or by calling our toll-free number at (800) 854-8618 today!

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