Our 7 Favorite Energy Efficiency Apps for iOS and Android

Energy Efficiency Apps for iOS and Android
With the right applications, your smartphone can help you reduce your energy and water consumption.

Who says your smartphone can’t make you more energy efficient? With the right apps, your iPhone or Android device can become a powerful tool for teaching you about your energy consumption, driving and water usage habits.

Don’t believe us? In this guide, we’ll share our seven favorite energy efficiency apps for iOS and Android. Install one, two or all seven on your mobile device and discover how to save energy, water and gasoline while you’re out and about.


JouleBug is a cool sustainability app that makes reducing your carbon footprint and energy consumption social. Compete with your friend to see who can save the most energy while unlocking cool achievements as you play.

With reward badges for actions like walking or bicycling instead of driving to your local grocery store, JouleBug makes everyday tasks exciting. Install it and compete with your friends to see who can do the most good for the environment.


How much gasoline does your car use per mile? FuelLog is a useful app that makes it easy to track your car’s gasoline consumption and fuel efficiency across hundreds of miles of driving.

Learn more about how your driving habits are affecting your fuel efficiency and find new ways to save fuel while you travel. FuelLog also lets you track the cost of parts, servicing and more to learn how much your vehicle is really costing you.

Light Bulb Finder

Need help finding energy efficient lighting in your local supermarket? Light Bulb Finder is a 100% free app that helps you make the switch from conventional light bulbs to greener, energy efficient alternatives.

Packed with information about bulb costs and energy savings, Light Bulb Finder is a great app for anyone interested in learning more about how much energy they use to light their home. With this app, you’ll always know which light bulbs to buy.

Drip Detective

Does your home or workplace have a dripping tap? It’s easy to ignore dripping taps, assuming they can’t cost more than a few cents a year. Drip Detective is a useful app that tells you exactly how much money you’re wasting with each dripping faucet.

Over time, wasted water from dripping taps can measure in the hundreds of liters, making it important to act quickly if your home or workplace has a dripping faucet or two. Drip Detective makes learning how much a drip costs you nice and simple.


Do you want to start carpooling? Driving to work alone can be a massive waste of gas, particularly if you live close to your coworkers. Carpooling is a free app that’s designed to help you find carpooling buddies to share your ride to work with.

Unfortunately, the Carpooling app is currently Europe-only. Hopefully a version is released for North America shortly, making it easier for people in major cities and urban areas to find carpooling partners for their daily commute.

Energy Cost Calculator

Have you ever received a surprisingly high energy bill at the end of the month? If you’ve ever been shocked at how much energy you use, Energy Cost Calculator is here to help you get your energy usage completely under control.

This helpful app lets you work out how much you’ll spend each month on energy, whether at home or at work. Simply enter your kilowatt consumption, your price per kilowatt hour and your hours of usage per day, then let the app do the math!


Do you spend more than you need to on gas? While saving the environment is an excellent incentive to drive less, sometimes it’s nice to have an incentive that’s all about saving money.

GasBuddy is an excellent app for daily commuters that lets you search nearby gas stations to learn which one offers the lowest prices. Combined with FuelLog, this app is great for getting your gas consumption and car usage under control.

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