Retail and Daylighting: How Natural Light Can Improve Big-Box Retail Revenue

Retail Industry DaylightingWith consumers spending less on non-essential goods than in the past, retailers and sales-driven businesses are looking for any possible edge that they could use to help improve their sales.

Some have turned to old-fashioned sales techniques like telemarketing and discount sales. Others have increased their advertising campaigns in an attempt to encourage customers to visit their stores.

A select few retailers, however, have stumbled upon an excellent sales tool: natural light. By using natural light instead of bright, uncomfortable artificial lighting, some retailers have been able to produce a measurable increase in their total sales.

Read on to learn more about how natural light can improve your retail sales in both small – family-owned businesses, boutiques, and grocery stores – and big-box retail sales environments.

Natural light’s remarkable ability to make products more appealing

During the 1990s, retailers such as Wal-Mart progressively replaced artificial lights with skylights and other natural light sources in many of their stores. Expecting to see their energy bills decline, they instead found that natural light produced a large increase in sales for products in certain areas of their stores.

Products stored in areas lit using natural light sold in higher numbers than products kept under artificial light, often to a significant degree. By switching the locations of certain products, stores could enhance sales of one and decrease sales of the other.

While discounted pricing and special deals are excellent tactics for selling difficult-to-move stock, one of the most effective – and, amazingly, one of the least frequently used – methods of increasing sales is to place products in naturally lit areas.

Natural light’s interesting effects on customer disposition and desire

Scientific studies clearly show that natural light increases mood and productivity in the workplace. Empirical evidence from retailers shows that it has the same effect on customers in a sales environment.

Big-box retail stores that light their checkout environment using natural light tend to have higher per-customer spending than their artificially lit counterparts. This is possibly due to the effect of natural light on people’s moods and desires – a positive, action-driven effect.

Installing natural lighting above your checkouts is an excellent way to enhance the mood of your customers and increase their likelihood of purchasing products. Due to the forward location of checkouts, customers can benefit from walking in to your store and experiencing natural light, as well as departing into natural light.

Natural light’s impressive effects on workplace mood and productivity

A key aspect of retail success is maintaining a happy and motivated workforce – a goal that natural light is paramount in achieving. People that work in retail stores that use natural light have higher levels of happiness, decreased fatigue, and better output and productivity than their peers.

This means a motivated, effective sales team that’s capable of increasing revenue and creating a more effective retail business. As well as the savings made possible by natural lighting, the increase in revenue that it can lead to makes it an obvious choice for both small and big retailers.

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