Rethinking The Skylight As A Green Energy Solution

Gone Are The Days Of The Skylight As A Mere Architectural Feature

Skylights were, once upon a time (and not that long ago), simply an architectural feature. An elaborate window in an unexpected place that gradually became less air- and watertight. But it showered light on everyone and -thing beneath it, and, boy, that was impressive.

And then we started rethinking the skylight, as we have with almost every corner of the home, from the flooring through the recessed lighting. What if these things, instead of holding a purely aesthetic value, actually started working for us? Rapid advances in technology and innovation made virtually everything more durable, more efficient and, because we’re not robots, handsomer. It may be harder to appreciate those differences in a skylight because, unless you’re shopping for one, you’re only exposed to part of it, and that part, considering the distance from which you’re viewing it, can look relatively unchanged from what you’ve always known about skylights. So, allow us to offer a more intimate perspective.

Thanks in large part to new glazing techniques, today’s skylights are capable of locking in the cool air in the summer and the warmth in the winter, making the answer to the question, what’s the most energy-efficient skylight, difficult to answer, because they’re all efficient; it’s more a matter of which one best suits your needs. If you spend more months out of the year cooling your home than heating it, you’re going to be drawn to a skylight that features Coollite’s spectrally selective glazing, which blocks most of the infrared light and just about all of the ultraviolet light with minimal effect on how much visible light shines through.

And that may bring us as close as we can come to a single, conclusive answer. We define an energy-efficient skylight as one that not only helps stabilize the home’s interior temperature but also minimizes the need for artificial lighting. And the line that’s proven to be the most capable of doing that is the Quasar Prismatic Skylights. What distinguishes it is the industry-leading prismatic glazing. Coupled with our proprietary dome shape, the Quasar skylights transmit more natural light than any other on the market.

Windows have come a long way since the days they were considered a necessary evil. Skylights have come even further. They may not receive the same attention as the former, but they’re as viable a green-energy solution. Contact us to schedule a free energy-efficiency consultation.

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