Roof-Mounted Smoke Vents Saves Lives

Benefits of Heat Smoke Vents

Kingspan Roof-mounted smoke vents help save lives and protect against further damage.

Safeguarding Against the Unthinkable

Individuals who design and engineer larger buildings such as warehouses must take into consideration a number of safety systems meant to save human lives. One such design element are smoke & heat vents, which are structures installed on roofs. Meant to help firefighters bring a fire under control by removing smoke, heat, and gases from burning buildings, these unassuming devices are extremely effective at minimizing fire damage.

Smoke vents in buildings are typically designed with fusible metal links that are designed to melt at certain temperatures, usually 165°F. Once this occurs, the doors automatically open (via a tension spring and/or shock absorbers) and begin venting the structure. Available on our Acrylic, Bristol, Metal Lid, Energy Star, Natural Series, Quasar, Trituff, and Tufflite Series, our UL-793 Listed and Certified smoke vents are designed to open against 10lbs./sq.ft. snow loads (approximately 6” of heavy, wet snow or 2” of ice).

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