Simple Sunlight: 5 Ways Daylighting Saves Time and Effort for Your Business

5 Ways Daylighting Saves Time and Effort for Your Business
Switching from artificial lighting to natural daylighting has numerous benefits for businesses. From reducing energy consumption to increasing sales, using natural light to illuminate your office saves money and can potentially increase revenue.

While saving money (or earning more money) is a great thing for any business, it’s not the only priority many companies face. As well as saving money, a large number of businesses are interested in increasing efficiency and saving time.

In this blog post, we’ll look at five ways switching to natural lighting can save time, reduce maintenance needs and increase efficiency for your business, whether you operate a small retail store or a large manufacturing company.

Daylighting requires very little maintenance

Skylights, windows and other daylighting systems use no energy and require little maintenance. Many businesses that use daylighting enjoy year-round lighting with none of the seemingly constant maintenance demands of artificial lighting systems.

Modern offices lit artificially need to be maintained and serviced frequently, often by a certified electrician. From replacing large fluorescent bulbs to fixing damaged circuits, none of the maintenance hazards of artificial lighting are a problem when your business runs on natural light.

Daylighting reduces workplace fatigue

One of the biggest efficiency problems many businesses face is a decline in energy and output over the course of the day. Afternoon fatigue affects millions of people every day, particularly in artificially lit environments.

Lighting your office using natural light has been proven to decrease fatigue levels and keep your team focused and motivated. The extra energy daylight provides is responsible for increased output and productivity in naturally lit offices.

Daylighting moderates workplace temperature

Do you constantly have to leave your desk to adjust the thermostat? When your office is dependent on artificial lighting, very little natural sunlight (and as such, very little natural heat) is available to regulate the workplace temperature.

Modern daylighting systems block UV radiation and prevent heat transfer from being an annoyance. However, they also bring in sunlight and heat that can give your office a regulated, moderate temperature that’s comfortable to work in.

Daylighting leads to a healthier workforce

Did you know that sunlight exposure improves your immune system? Spending time outdoors or in naturally lit environments results in a higher level of Vitamin D – one of several vitamins and minerals that strengthens your immune system.

We’ve documented this benefit of daylighting before in our blog post on the biggest health benefits of sunlight. For employers, the end result of daylighting is far fewer employee sick days, higher output and productivity and a healthier team.

Daylighting reduces workplace mistakes

From spelling errors to property damage, workplace mistakes and accidents come in a variety of forms. Scientists now know that daylight exposure makes employees in all industries more alert and less likely to make serious mistakes.

It might sound unbelievable, but it’s true. Researchers from the Heschong Mahone Group in Sacramento, California have found that college students scored higher in standardized tests when they sat their tests in environments lit with natural light.

Does your business want to save time and increase productivity?

From increasing your workplace output to preventing office accidents, daylighting has numerous benefits beyond the purely financial. Consider switching to natural light for a greener, more environmentally efficient business today.

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