Simplifying Natural Light – Why It’s Time to Use Daylighting

Time to Use DaylightingDid you know that daylighting could improve your mental health? Or that it could make your company’s workforce more motivated and successful? Or – for the true cost-driven entrepreneur – that it could help you save 30% on your energy bills?

There are numerous benefits to daylighting, from reducing costs to increasing work productivity and health. However, many businesses still haven’t made the switch to daylighting from their current energy-inefficient lighting systems.

Why it’s time to switch to natural daylight

While the cost of living (and doing business) is rising as a whole, the cost of energy is rising faster than the average. AEP – American Electrical Powerlists a variety of reasons for the surge in energy pricing, ranging from fuel costs to the economy.

Although energy prices have stabilized over past year in the United States, they’re predicted to rise again. As the economy recovers and the demand for energy grows, economists believe that the cost of energy will start to surge.

This is relevant to your business for three reasons. First, the rising cost of energy will make doing business more expensive, regardless of what you sell, the market you target or your staffing requirements.

Second, the aging energy infrastructure in many states means that as demand for energy rises, shortages could occur. Remember the California energy crisis of the early 2000s? Although that was largely created artificially by unethical companies like Enron, a repeat due to poor infrastructure isn’t completely impossible.

Finally, environmental regulations are becoming stricter every year, and ‘towing the line’ with regards to energy isn’t always going to be enough. Why not switch into an energy efficient business model before it becomes prohibitively expensive not to.

The benefits of becoming an energy efficient business

Many business owners mistakenly assume that becoming more energy efficient is an expensive process. The reality couldn’t be further from this assumption – it’s not just affordable to become energy efficient, but it will actually save you a lot of money.

There are short-term costs associated with becoming more energy efficient, just like any other investment. But like other investments, energy efficiency pays off over the long term in the form of significantly reduced energy consumption and lower bills.

In some states, it even pays off in the short term. California, for example, has a wide variety of tax incentives for companies and individuals that install solar panels as a source of energy. There are also several federal tax incentives for energy efficiency.

The old excuse that becoming energy efficient is ‘too expensive’ simply doesn’t make sense today. In fact, the cost of installing energy efficient daylighting has decreased over the past decade while the benefits for businesses have massively risen.

Making the switch to an energy efficient workplace

Becoming a more energy efficient business isn’t something that needs to happen in one rapid motion, although it is possible to make big changes quickly. Start with the switch from artificial lighting to natural light, and continue improving from there.

Skylights and custom daylighting systems are suitable for any type of business, from retail stores to large manufacturers. Better yet, they can be installed on a relatively quick schedule and start providing benefits as soon as they’re implemented.

These benefits extend beyond saving money and reducing your company’s impact on the environment. One of the biggest – particularly for manufacturers – is the big increase in productivity and employee satisfaction that daylight can provide.

There’s also the improvement in health – both physical and mental – that exposure to natural light in the workplace offers. There’s also the increased energy levels, the easily controllable temperature and the far more comfortable work environment.

Enjoy these benefits and far more in your workplace

It’s easy to make excuses and delay the process of making your workplace a more energy efficient one. However, the benefits of making the switch are clear and it’s never been a better time to take action and improve your workplace’s lighting.

From small skylight installations in your retail store to large-scale daylighting for your industrial building or storage facility, becoming more energy efficient can be either a small, gradual change or a serious commitment for your business.

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