Skylight Maintenance: How Long Will Your Skylights Last For?

Skylight Maintenance
Simple maintenance will ensure your skylight provides healthy natural light for decades.

Just like any other part of your home or building, skylights require maintenance in order to remain in great condition. With the right level of attention, your skylights can last for decades and provide continual natural daylight.

While large exterior windows often need to be cleaned – and in some cases, often need extensive maintenance – the amount of maintenance modern skylights need isn’t extensive. In fact, most modern skylights require little maintenance at all.

This is because the majority of skylights are installed in exposed areas – on a roof, for example – allowing them to be cleaned naturally with the weather. If a skylight has a slight angle, natural rainfall will often keep it clean without further effort.

While the cleaning needs of skylights are relatively low, having basic maintenance carried out on your building’s skylights will extend their lifespan and improve the results they’ll achieve for your business in terms of energy efficiency.

Most skylight maintenance is focused on cleaning away dust and debris

If your building is located in an area that’s dusty or dry – for example, close to the coastline or a major beach – there’s a reasonable chance that debris could become stuck on your skylight’s finish over time.

This is also true of urban areas with a high level of air pollution. Particles can stick to your skylight and reduce its visibility if there’s a reasonable level of air pollution and limited air flow around your building.

If your building receives regular rainfall, this is unlikely to be an issue – most of the dirt and dust will be washed away naturally. However, if your building is located in an arid, dry region, it’s worth having your skylights washed off occasionally.

This prevents dirt and dust not just from reducing your skylight’s visibility, but from affecting the quality of the seal around the skylight or wearing down the materials it is built from.

Cleaning the inside of your skylights improves light transfer and visibility

Cleaning the outside of your skylights prevents dust and dirt from making them less transparent, but it’s also important to clean the inside of your skylights. Office dust, dirt and other particles can collect on your skylight over time, affecting its looks.

These can be cleaned away by using an extended cleaning tool – something that any building maintenance team will be able to provide. Gently cleaning the inside of the skylight every two to three months prevents dust from affecting sunlight levels.

Maintenance is more important in coastal areas

If your building is located near the ocean, it’s possible that elevated levels of salt in the air could affect your skylights, as well as numerous other components used for your building’s construction.

Today’s modern skylights are designed to withstand rust and corrosion, but the air quality can still have an effect on their structure and visibility. For this reason, your skylight’s maintenance becomes more important if you’re located close to the ocean.

During your typical maintenance schedule, ensure that your skylight’s frame – if it’s made from covered steel or aluminum – is checked for wear caused by debris or the increased level of salt in the air due to your building’s seaside location.

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