Skylight Question

About 27 years ago (1984) I installed a Bristolite Skylite (don’t know the model) on a residential home with a wood shingle roof. The skylite has, what I believe to be, a white acrylic dome on the outside and a flat acrylic plate on the inside. The outside dimensions of the aluminum frame on the roof are 26.5″x26.5″, and the inside lightshaft sheetrocked openning is 21.5″x21.5″ against the acrylic plate (the lightshaft opens to about 4′ x 4′ at the ceiling level). The skylite was installed using the Bristolite “Installation Instructions — Curb Mounted Skylite on a Wood Shingle Roof”. I am in the process of replacing the roof with asphalt shingles and would like to change the skylite out to a manual, venting skylite. Is there something that you have that I could simply unscrew the outside frame and acrylic, and replace it with a manual venting unit, without having to redo the framing, curbing, and sheetrock (the current flashing around the skylite will be replaced in the process of re-roofing with 1/2″ OSB plywood over the existing sheathing). The Bristolite Skylite has worked very well for us and has never leaked. Thanks for your assistance.

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