Smoke Vent Skylights and Fire Safety: Why They’re So Important

Smoke Vent Skylights and Fire Safety
During a fire, smoke is often a bigger safety hazard for people than the fire itself.

Does your building have skylights installed? Skylights are a great source of natural light, and if your building has the right type of skylights, they can also be a fantastic safety tool in the event of a fire.

Smoke vent skylights are skylights that are designed to vent smoke from the inside of your building to the outside in the event of a fire. They offer a range of fire safety benefits that make them an excellent choice for any type of building.

Protecting your building and its occupants form the destruction that a fire can lead to should be one of your top priorities. While smoke vent skylights can’t prevent a fire from occurring, they can make acting safely during a fire far easier.

In this blog post, we’ll explain the benefits of installing smoke vent skylights in your building and share why they’re such a vital aspect of making sure your building is a safe place to be.

The danger of smoke inhalation

One of the biggest risks to people’s safety in the event of a fire isn’t the fire itself, but the smoke that it produces. Smoke inhalation is responsible for 50 to 80 percent of all fire-related deaths, making it a serious safety risk in the event of a major fire.

While venting can’t prevent a fire from occurring, it can allow dangerous smoke to exit a building through its ceiling. Smoke vent skylights act as vents in the event of fire breaking out in your building, allowing smoke to rapidly escape.

This means that exiting your building is far safer and easier for occupants, who do not need to deal with the thick and immensely hazardous smoke that a serious fire can produce in buildings without ceiling vents.

Venting smoke not only lowers the risk of smoke inhalation – it also improves the level of visibility in your building. This makes it easier for people to locate and use exits and fire stairways.

Smoke-related damage to equipment

Fires not only put people in danger – a serious fire also has the potential to damage the equipment, stock and other items inside your building, even if it never reaches them itself.

This is because smoke can quickly spread throughout a building and cause serious damage to stock. Smoke damage can ruin paper documents, destroy expensive and difficult to replace product inventory and damage production equipment.

Using smoke vent skylights to vent smoke from your building in the event of a fire not only keeps its occupants safer and provides better visibility – it also prevents a fire from filling your building with smoke and damaging its contents.

This can result in millions of dollars in losses being avoided in the event of a fire. In some cases, installing smoke vent skylights can also have a positive effect on stock-related insurance, making it a safe and economically sensible decision.

The firefighting value of smoke vent skylights

Finally, smoke vent skylights not only prevent large-scale damage to your building’s contents and make its occupants far safer – they also make it significantly easier for firefighters to locate and respond to a fire in your building.

In a building without fire vents, smoke often pours out of windows, doorways and other entrances and exits. This makes it incredibly difficult for firefighters to locate the source of a fire, particularly in a large building with multiple entrances.

With smoke vent skylights, it’s significantly easier to identify the location of a major fire. This is because the smoke will vent out of the skylight that’s closest to the fire, making it easier for firefighters to locate and respond to the blaze.

This improvement in response time can be the difference between a fire developing into a serious threat to your building and its occupants, and a fire being managed by firefighters without any serious difficulties.

Can you afford to ignore fire safety skylights?

Installing smoke vent skylights is an investment, and like any other investment it’s certainly not free. However, the small cost of installing smoke vent skylights is little compared to the massive safety benefits that they can offer.

Can you afford to ignore the importance of fire safety? Even if your building already complies with the fire code, installing smoke vent skylights give you extra peace of mind that your building’s occupants are safer if a fire ever breaks out.

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