Starting Your Search For A Residential Skylight

IECC 2012 Standards for Skylights

The residential skylight market is a bold new world

If this is the start of your exploration into residential skylights, prepare to be awed. From custom-made skylights to low-profile skylights to entire skylight ceilings, it’s a bold new world. And it’s one that’s being driven at equal turns by aesthetics and practicality. After all, the chances are pretty good that your interest is motivated more by design than energy conservation. In which case, you’ll be happy to know that that architectural feature (or features) that you’re planning to add is also going to shave off a good chunk of your electric bill. The savvy get savvier.

Our residential line reaches from simple 12-inch by 12-inch acrylic bubble skylights to solar heat blockers and super insulators that represent the latest in green home innovation. On our residential products page, you’ll be able to navigate our inventory by the type of skylight, its qualities (performance) and its glazing material. Beyond the actual design, the glazing is what you’re going to want to hone in on. It’s where you’ll find the greatest distinctions between the skylights.

Thanks in large part to new glazing techniques, today’s skylights are capable of locking in the cool air in the summer and the warmth in the winter, making the answer to the question, what’s the most energy-efficient skylight, difficult to answer, because they’re all efficient; it’s more a matter of which one best suits your needs.

We define an energy-efficient skylight as one that not only helps stabilize the home’s interior temperature but also minimizes the need for artificial lighting. And the line that’s proven to be the most capable of doing that is the Quasar Prismatic Skylights. What distinguishes it is the industry-leading prismatic glazing. Coupled with our proprietary dome shape, the Quasar skylights transmit more natural light than any other on the market.

The depth and diversity of the residential skylight market can fast become daunting, especially if you entered into it with a very specific idea of what you want. To ensure that you get that, plus the best of all worlds, contact us to schedule a free consultation.


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