Sun and Savings: Why California Businesses Can Benefit From Natural Daylighting

Commercial Custom Gable Ridge Glass Skylight - Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, CA
With cities that receive more sunshine than almost any other state, a motivated and action-focused attitude to reducing emissions and numerous rebates for increasing energy efficiency, California is one of the best states for businesses that would like to reduce their emissions and become more energy efficient.

One of the best ways to become a more environmentally conscious business is by switching from artificial lighting to natural daylighting. In this guide, we’ll explore the three best reasons for California businesses to modernize their office lighting and become more energy efficient businesses.

California’s excellent sunshine hours

Did you know that California is the third sunniest state in the country? Although it’s slightly less sunny than first place Arizona and second place Nevada, California sees an impressive 285 days of sunshine every year – over 78% of its total calendar.

This put it ahead of New Mexico, Hawaii and Colorado. California even racks up far more sunshine days than the Sunshine State Florida. This massive amount of sun is one of many reasons why California businesses can benefit from natural light.

Think California’s excellent sunshine record is just in the south of the state? Think again. While Southern California tops the state’s sunlight charts (Los Angeles has a total of 292 sunny days per year, and San Diego 263) many of Northern California’s cities are also drenched in sunlight.

San Francisco receives 260 days of sunlight per year – 160 of which are sunny and 100 of which are partially sunny. Sacramento enjoys an excellent 188 days of total sunlight every year, as well as an average of 77 partially sunny days.

This excellent sunshine record means that California businesses can enjoy fantastic benefits from taking daylighting seriously. Instead of having to supplement natural light with artificial lighting, many California businesses can switch off the lights in the daytime and illuminate their workplaces with nothing but natural light.

California’s focus on energy efficiency

When it comes to reducing emissions and taking the environment seriously, few of the other states have a record as good as California’s. California implemented green energy regulations earlier than almost anywhere else in the country, and focused on energy efficiency years before it became an environmental necessity.

This can-do, motivated attitude makes California a great place to set up your energy efficient business. With a wide selection of energy efficiency experts and many ways to improve your company’s environmental impact, becoming more energy efficient in California is a breeze.

California’s energy efficiency incentives

From the Green Building Program to the wide variety of Commercial Energy Rebates offered by city governments, California is home to more energy efficiency incentives and programs than almost any other state. This makes switching from artificial light to natural light an affordable, financially rewarding process.

Learn more about the various incentives offered to California businesses for making improvements in energy usage at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency website. Many of California’s incentives are local, making it easy for your business to take action and affordably improve its energy efficiency.

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