The 8 Biggest Benefits of Daylighting for Retailers, Manufacturers, and Offices

Benefits of Daylighting for Retailers, Manufacturers, and OfficesAre you thinking about installing a daylighting system in your retail store, factory, or office? Daylighting has a wide range of benefits, many of which can improve the way your business operates.

From improving your workforce’s happiness and productivity to increasing sales in your retail store, read on to learn the eight biggest benefits of natural daylighting for retail stores, manufacturing buildings, and commercial offices.

Improved Employee Retention

Did you know that daylighting improves your employee retention rate? People that work in environments lit using natural light tend to have fewer sick days, far higher levels of job satisfaction, and better work records than their counterparts working in artificially lit environments.

Adding a daylighting system to your workplace – whether it’s a retail store or a large manufacturing plant – will improve your employee retention rate and save you time and money that would otherwise be spent on training and recruitment.

Better Sales Figures and Close Rates

In the mid-1990s, Wal-Mart launched an innovative sales campaign that measured the effects of natural lighting on its customers. The benefits were obvious – cashiers that were lit naturally outperformed their artificially lit counterparts in total sales.

If you operate a retail business – particularly if your business specializes in products with a high value – natural light can be a valuable tool in your sales arsenal. Use it to light up product in attractive natural sunlight, or create a warmer, more comfortable environment around your cashiers and checkout areas.

Significant Commercial Energy Savings

The energy savings made possible by an effective daylighting system are incredible, making natural lighting a top priority for cost-conscious businesses. When installed in a commercial setting, daylighting can reduce lighting energy use by 75 percent.

This is a dual benefit for businesses – not only do they spend less money on energy, but they reduce their environmental impact. If you’re worried about environmental damage and your energy spending, a daylighting system could be your best solution.

Increased Worker Productivity

A variety of scientific studies have demonstrated that employees work at optimum efficiency in environments that are lit using natural light. A recent study by Mirjam Muench shows that it’s not just productivity, but alertness and comfort levels, that increase substantially under natural lighting conditions.

If your retail store, office, or production center are currently lit artificially, you may wish to consider using natural lighting to improve employee productivity and lower your costs at the same time. After all, natural lighting reduces both your energy cost and the opportunity cost of depending on less productive employees.

Better Looking, More Appealing Stores

Photographers and videographers have long made use of natural light to make their photos and video footage ‘pop’ off the film. Depending on the angle, natural light can be warm and contrast-heavy, cool and diffuse, or reflective and neutral.

Modern retail stores often use daylighting to achieve the same effects. Depending on the placement of products within your store, you can use daylighting to create a cool aurafor modern technology, a warm atmosphere for home furniture or décor, and a neutral environment for other products.

Increased Happiness and Wellbeing

As well as increasing productivity and awareness, natural light has been shown to increase happiness and wellbeing in scientific studies. Long-term exposure to light from unnatural sources – for example, artificial office lighting – has been linked to an increase in cortisol levels and associated stressful health effects.

Lighting your retail stores, your production or storage centers, or your office using natural light won’t just make your employees more productive – it will also make them more likely to feel satisfied and fulfilled with their careers.

Healthier, Smarter Employees

From happiness to alertness, productivity to health, the benefits of natural light on humans are immense. Human resources departments around the world are finally becoming aware of one of the truths of natural lighting – it increases productivity, happiness, and ambition, as well as reducing absences caused by illness.

That’s right – when your workplace operates using natural light, your employees will enjoy a higher standard of overall health. This means fewer sick days, a lower level of employee absence, and a workforce that’s rarely troubled with common health issues.

Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Stores

While renovating your office, retail store, or large commercial building for energy efficiency can be an expensive process, the real savings are achieved over the long term. Energy-efficient daylighting reduces energy bills and environmental damage, making your stores or offices sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Give your business an environmentally conscious image that’s about more than just branding by installing a modern, energy-efficient daylighting system. The low cost of installing a daylighting system is often repaid within just a few years through energy bills that reflect your business’s environmental awareness.

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