Tufflite Polycarbonate Skylights… Safety From Above

There are many reasons why all the different types of skylights Bristolite Daylighting Systems offers make fantastic architectural details. They allow FREE, natural daylight to enter a building which reduces energy usage (from artificial lighting) and the consumption of nonrenewable resources in the process. An additional benefit is that this reduced energy usage typically equates to significant amounts of money saved over time thanks to lower energy costs. However, a common question that arises when someone considers skylights is, “Just how safe are they?”

We have simplified that answer down to one word… “Very.”



As manufacturers of industrial and commercial skylights, our Tufflite Polycarbonate Skylight series features all the daylighting benefits mentioned above along with the peace of mind that comes from using tough, impact-resistant polycarbonate, as evidenced by these testing and demonstration videos (click onTufflite). In fact, our Tufflite glazings have earned ASTM and GSA “Highest Blast Resistance” ratings thanks to their intelligent engineering and rugged construction, such as what’s featured on this particular skylight. After reviewing our product specifications and watching the videos, we feel that our high-strength, high-security skylights are sure to exceed your expectations and alleviate any concerns you may have in the process.

Our mission at Bristolite is to provide the highest quality products and offer superior service for residential, commercial, and industrial customers alike, all the while remaining an exceptional value. We aim to provide the building industry with an abundance of accurate, current, and relevant information relative to daylighting and energy conservation. We take our corporate responsibilities very seriously because we consider ourselves innovators and stewards in the efficient use of sustainable, carbon-free energy. To learn more about how Bristolite offers the best energy efficient skylights in the business, contact us at info@bristolite.com, or by calling our toll-free number at (800) 854-8618 today!

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