Why Should You Make Your Commercial Building IECC Compliant?

Make Your Commercial Building IECC Compliant
There are several benefits to complying with IECC 2012.

The 2012 International Energy Conservation Code presents a detailed code for new buildings to follow in order to achieve a minimum level of energy conservation. It’s an incredibly detailed document that covers a wide range of energy topics.

Although the IECC code is a model code intended for new buildings, the standards it outlines are equally as valuable for owners of existing buildings as they are for those interested in developing new commercial and residential properties.

From reducing energy consumption and saving money to improving the quality of your building for its occupants, complying with IECC 2012 offers a wide variety of interesting benefits for your business.

In this blog post, we’ll look at three reasons for you, as a building or business owner, to make IECC 2012 a major goal for your building’s energy conservation, even if it is not a new construction.

IECC 2012 is an attainable, recognized standard for energy conservation

One of the biggest benefits of IECC 2012 is that it’s a widely recognized standard in energy conservation. As the leading energy conservation code, it’s a standard that’s followed by a wide range of developers in numerous different countries.

By aiming to comply with IECC 2012, you make sure that your building doesn’t just meet the minimum standards for energy efficiency within your country, but that it achieves an internationally recognized standard for energy conservation.

Meeting IECC 2012 means that your building is energy efficient not just not, but that it will continue to use only the minimum required about of energy as the standards become more comprehensive and detailed in the future.

Conserving energy significantly reduces your business’s ongoing costs

Although the price of energy fluctuates, reducing your business’s energy usage is an excellent way to lower its overall costs. Many businesses spend a significant amount on energy – an amount that can be lowered by following IECC 2012.

IECC 2012 lays out a comprehensive framework for achieving optimal energy usage in your building. Through efficient insulation, excellent building materials and high quality daylighting, your business can significantly lower its energy consumption.

This has two significant benefits. The first is that it lowers the ongoing costs that are associated with your business. The second is that your business’s negative effects on the environment through its energy consumption are minimized.

Becoming more energy efficient has numerous secondary benefits

Energy efficiency is often marketed as a way for your business to save money. This is understandable, particularly when you consider that many businesses are more motivated by the possibility of saving money than by other qualities.

However, this isn’t the only benefit of following IECC 2012. Making positive changes to your building’s energy conservation can also improve workplace productivity and enhance your company’s public image.

From helping your employees focus and remain healthy – a major benefit of natural light and fresh air – to giving your company a forward-thinking, green image, there are numerous non-financial advantages to taking energy efficiency seriously.

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