Your Quasar

We have one small operation with a competeing prismatic skylight but we are disappointed with the low level of daylight on our cutting and sewing tables. We opened a second larger operation with your Quasar with the same percent of skylight to roof area and the difference is tremendous. We saw all of your Quasar test reports including several third party lab photometric tests but still we didnt really think Quasar would have 30% more light than Sunoptics. We were wrong. We dont need a test report or a light meter to see the difference. We will probably replace the Sunoptics with your Quasar to increase our prodcutivity and reduce electric lighting costs. I think the additional electric energy savings from your 30% greater light transmission than the Sunoptics will pay for your skylights in less than two years. We are now believers! Go Quasar!

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